Bintu has a big family, she cooks food for 13 people every day. Every lunch and dinner takes around 3 hours to cook, and she normally uses charcoal and fire wood. As long as it is not raining she cooks outside, to reduce the problems from the smoke. She says that it hurts her eyes and makes her nose runny. When testing the SolarBora unit Bintu cooked beans and meatballs with vegetables.

“I have a big family, every day I cook for 13 people. This takes a lot of time, especially during rainy season when the fire wood and charcoal is wet and it is difficult to light the fire. With SolarBora I save a lot of time, and it is easier!”



Bintu, Bamako, Mali

Issata Keita is 21 years old and lives together with her husband, her brother in law, his wife and her mother- and father in law. She is now expecting her first child. Every day she wakes up at 3 am to get water, since the water is cut during daytime.

Issata Keita cooks the food for the family, she normally uses both charcoal and fire wood. When testing the SolarBora unit she cooked both porridge for her father in law, and a stew with meat and potato for the rest of the family.

“It is good to not have all the problems with the smoke when using the induction cooker instead of fire wood and charcoal”

Berthe induction cooking

Issata Keita, Bamako, Mali

Mariam lives together with her husband, her two kids and her sister in law in suburban Bamako. Mariam has high blood pressure and her kids has asthma, so to cook with fire is a problem for all of them. She normally cooks with gas to minimize these problems, but when there is a shortage of gas she needs to use charcoal. With a SolarBora unit this won’t be necessary.

“The possibility to also use the unit for business – for example making and selling ice – is perfect. I could also use the electricity to iron the clothes of the family, that would have saved me 6000 CFA only this month. ”

(6000 CFA ≈ 11 USD)


Mariam, Bamako, Mali

Alice is 70 years old and lives together with her husband outside of Bamako. Since they are a small family they never cook bigger amouts of food, but the cost for fuel is still high. Every month they pay around 15 500 CFA (28 USD) for charcoal and gas. Alice estimates that a meal normally takes two hours to cook, but with the SolarBora unit it goes a lot faster!

“It goes so fast to cook with the induction cooker, and the food tastes better!”

Alice induction cooking

Alice, Bamako, Mali