Our Team

Edna Chebet

Kenya country manager, sales representative in Kenya
Chebet has a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management, and has previously worked at the National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA) in Kenya and as a sales person at a private company. 

Julia Bjers

Sales representative in the Nordic region
Julia has prior experience from project management, market analysis and she has worked with product development of the Solar Bora systems SB200. During this project her focus was to design the system so that it fits well into peoples homes. Julia is currently taking her master at Linköping University.

Mårten Hermansson

Sales representative in the Nordic region
30 years of prior experience in the energy sector, focus on renewable energy. Held various positions from R&D department to sales and services in companies such as ABB, Cap Gemini, Vattenfall, CGI. Latest position as CEO at Eksjö Energi AB.

Linnea Bergman

CEO, Business development
Linnea holds a master in Energy Technology. In her master thesis she developed the business plan for Solar Bora, now she is working with the company’s business development.

Robert Sundqvist

Operational West Africa, sales representative in Mali
25 years of experience of Business Development in early phases and tech start-ups/VAS. Has been working 5 years in West Africa with Orange and different NGOs.

Take Aanstoot

 Field work, maintenance and integration
10 years’ experience of start-ups, 3 years working with reparation of solar installations in Kenya, long experience of NGO boards and has expertise in the overlap between energy and IT including SCADA and IOT.

Jonas Nilsson

Hardware design, industrialisation, corporate finance
20 years of experience of business development with focus on sales and transforming research into innovations. Focus on Industrialisation.

Per Kangru

Mobile integration, AAA and QOS
15 years of B2B experience in Global Telecom Business Development and Innovation. Has expertise in Mobility, IoT, M2M and Complex Solution Sales. On his spare time Per enjoys cooking, skiing and spending time with his family.

Magnus Eng

Electronics design engineer
Magnus has performed his master thesis at Solar Bora and is now working full time at the company. He has updated the BMS software and is now responsible for all technical development regarding electronics.

Viktor Malmkvist

Electronics design engineer
Viktor is working with the hardware development at Solar Bora, alongside his studies to get a master in electronics design engineering.

Dennis ‘Spindel’ Ljungmark

Great experience of databases and backend, wide experience of programming. Previously worked for Google and Motorola, and currently works at Modio.

Nicklas Lindgren

Great experience from frontend development and customer integration. In the past he has worked with Dreampark, Motorola Mobility, Google, Arris, usually focused on performance and quality.

Martin ‘Sam’ Samuelsson

A graphics hacker at heart, and a multitalented developer. He’s done everything from developing kernel drivers for obscure video hardware to frontend development.
In the past he worked for Cendio, SMHI, Motorola and Google.

Elias Persson

Elias currently works at Modio, where he has been the main designer of their serial integration software.

Gustav Palmqvist

Electronics design engineer
Gustav performed his master thesis at Solar Bora. He updated the EMS (energy management system) to a whole new level.

Eric Felix

Performed his bachelor thesis at Solar Bora, where he developed our first inverter design. Currently works at Swedish Microwave AB.

August Hultman

Holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics after performing his bachelor thesis at Solar Bora, experience as a consulting electronics engineer.