Ongoing product development: focus on batteries

Our product is constantly being developed, we always want to become better.

One project going on right now is performed by our two master students Oskar and Morgan. They are studying mechanical engineering, with a focus on product development and construction technique. At the moment, they are working with us at Solar Bora to develop a better way to mount our batteries. The batteries are a key component in our system, and it is crucial that they work as expected. This project will both improve the performance of the system, the mounting process and the durability of the system by securing the support system for the batteries. On top of that, it will reduce our environmental impact dring transport, since we will be able to transport the batteries mounted in the cabinet, and therefore avoiding additional packaging and transport just for the batteries. When we then get to the customer, the whole system will already be ready for connection!

We are looking forward to implement this solutions in our upcoming deliveries!

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