Field test in Mali

The Solar Bora unit is getting into shape, and the first prototype of the whole system has just been tested together with potential customers. The customers has gotten the chance to cook lunch or dinner with the induction cookers, powered by the SolarBora, to be able to compare with how they normally cook. The reactions were better than expected!

The food tastes the same or better, the cooking is faster and easier, and the experience of cooking without smoke from fire was really appreciated.

Most women in Mali are cooking with firewood or charcoal, which gives problems with household air pollution. The direct physical problems are cough, hurting and running eyes and for some even athma. What many doesn’t know is that it is also highly deadly. To change the way of cooking will increase the living standard and also the length of lives for these women and their families. ¬†Here are some of the pictures taken during the test, to give you an understanding for the differences between the two ways of cooking.

Berthe cooking with fire wood

Berthe induction cooking


Buntu induction cooking

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