Induction stoves installed in Kimilili, Kenya

In the orphanage in the village of Kimilili in Kenya they have been cooking the food over open fire. This has resulted in a kitchen filled with fumes, and the cost for the wood has been high. Just a couple of days ago they got three induction stoves installed, and together with that they got all the pots and pans necessary to be able to use the stoves.

At first the cook felt a bit suspicious, since she had no experience from cooking without fire, but the project was very sucessful! A couple of days after the installation the kitchen was totally free from smoke, and everybody expressed their enthusiasm.

More info about the orphanage can be found here!

The results of this shows us at Solar Bora that the use of induction cooking definitely is appreciated, the customers definitely get a better cooking experience.

Here are some pictures from the premiere cooking!

Induction cooking Solar Bora
The whole kitchen with the three stoves installed

Ugali with induction hob

Instructions for induction hob

New installation of induction cookers

High efficient induction stoves
The cook Ebby is really happy with the new stoves!


Ugali in the making
More cornflour needed


Cooking ugali on an induction stove is a bit different from cooking over the fire!
Preparing the chapati
Induction hob
Chapati being fried on induction hob
Induction stove
Ednah showing how to use the induction stove


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